October 2007
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Prod Company: RSA Films, Inc.

Miles Essmiller

Yama Yamashita - Lighting and Animation
Stu Mintz - Lighting and Animation
Chris Romano - Animator
Marion Spates - Lead Lighter
Michael Lori - Lead Tracker
Genny Yee - Tracker
Eddie Offermann - Tracker
Devin Fairbairn - Tracker
Andrew Cochrane - Tracker
Tom Stanton - Tracker

Huey Carroll - Roto
John Brennick - Roto
Deke Kincaid - Roto
James Lee - Roto
Scott Baxter - Roto
Junko Schugardt - Roto

Advertising Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, USA
Co-Chairman / Partner: Rich Silverstein
CD / Partner: Steve Simpson
Group CD: Margaret Johnson
ACD: Barton Corley
Art Director: Peter Conolly
Executive Broadcast Producer: Josh Reynolds
Broadcast Producer: Todd Porter
Director: Jake Scott
President: Jules Daly
EP: Fran McGivern
Producer: David Mitchell
Post / Effects: Asylum
Visual Effects Supervisor: Paul O’ Shea
CG Supervisor: Jonah Hall
Executive Producer: Michael Pardee
Producer: Mark Allen Kurtz
Production Coordinator(s): Chris Tuason, Steven Poulsen
CG Producer: Jeff Werner
Editorial: Cosmo Street
Editor: Katz Ushio
Producer: Jerry Sukys
Visual effects: Asylum

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Guest's picture

I actualy thought this ad was pretty cool. Yes, the dialogue was a little forced but then, they're trying to tell the story of a businessman here, not a real actor. Can't argue with how it looks tho


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