Burn Energy Drink: The morning

Advertising Agency: FullSIX Italy
Art Director: Oskar Goransson
Copywriter: Jack Blanga
Production company: StarWorks
Director: Murat Gonullu
Published: December 2007


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ok. they screw it up in the ending. i was thinking i dont care wtf its the product i want it, and in the ending. NO WAY.

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agreed. The 'twist' at the end is too much.
The message would have been better without trying to give it a funny ending...

Use LYNX to attract and then BURN 'em...

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Ad Junkie At Large
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i know, and just when I thought I'd made my decision of liking the commercial they go and freak me out. and that destroys the whole message, the commercial is trying to say the drink will give you energy not that it will make you forget you're gay and very attracted to short fat men the morning after an "encounter".

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completely agree. this end is a turn-off and not just completely innecessary, actually it kills the commercial.

besides that, honestly, i don't like it a lot.
in the second woman i already knew the end, that it was going to go on and on with women until the product (energy drink, perfumes, something like that), the message is too obvious...

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BTW does anybody know the song?

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Ad Junkie At Large
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i'd also like to knwo

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What came first, the fuck everything that moves spots or the stop AIDS stops?
Ying Yang, sluts.

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DONE by Axe!!

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allright, then the ending happens, that record player scratch noise is really tired, blonde with boob is nice though

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Gets you more than before!

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jet lag
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Axe is completely different, please stop students comments.
The 'twist' at the end anyway is too much.
Not bad.

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It's not AXE at all!!

Well... it recalls the "mood", but the concept in the Axe movie was the attraction (they could not stop their instinct and they started to make love as soon as they meet each other), while this one is focused on the power of the beverage! On sip, a dozen of girls ;)

Yeah,m the end is shit... cut it off!!

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Axe concept is about the sex-appeal, this burn 's concept is more about the Energy.
Music by Code PIE you can find the group on Myspace.com

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stupid as hell

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Idea is ok, except from the twist at the end (what twisted mind came up with that one?!)... but for a 'hip and cool' product I guess there could have been a cooler way to make this 'story'... the happy joy joy song doesn't work for me... but maybe it's typical Itaian...?

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that so Predictable....I knew the ending since the begining

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embarassing. but beautiful chicks!

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So Axe.
That twist at the end wasn´t right, but without it the spot would be even more stupid.

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Totally agree, but that is why I like the end.

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I've seen this after-packshot-twist so many times...

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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fucking GOOD .....GOOD ONE

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Is there viagra in this drink?
It's not a bad ad, but the ending is rather a let down.

Fail Harder.

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juan sasiaín
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I guess if it would have ending say goodbye to a DOG.
It would have been fun.
the boy thinking and then a girl after the dog.
oh, thanks god.

it´s nice!

juan sasiaín
Bs As Argentina

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I like it. i dont know if is done, but its cool.

The final twist is bullshit. If you cut it out you get a nice ad.

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GOOD FUN! was kind of expecting the end tho..

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I agree. please change the end its totally screwing a good ad.

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Maybe I'm crazy but I hated the ad, thought it was boring bullshit. Too testosterone heavy and lame, but the end saved it for me. It let me know the creatives weren't taking the fucking "our product will help you score. . . big time" angle too seriously. (you have to lighten it up or its just a wad blow fest)

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1. DOne by Axe
2. FUCKING HORRIBLE ending... no taste... like the italian humor.

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Judging from girls facial expressions and from the fact they have their panties on, they've probably all died laughing their asses off to death because of his nonperforming, little, pathetic and burn'ed little wiener. Only the fat guy really scored.

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what kind of shoes does he have!!??

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slightly homophobic.
It would be so hot if some of the sleeping tricks were sexy young men as well as women
it would corner the gay market as well...

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wht crap is this??! And i honestly did not get the ending either..Whose the agency???!

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Very decent, actually pretty good. Amazing if one considers it's an italian agency.

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concepto de vitalidad queda en lo alto usando el producto pero el final esta un poco fuera de serie ya que pudieron haber hecho un mejor final

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