Burger King: CEO

Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Partner/ECD: Rob Reilly
VP/CD: Bill Wright
VP/ACD: Tiffany Kosel
ACD(s): Ryan Kutscher, Paul Caiozzo
VP/Dir Integrated Production: David Rolfe
VP/GEP: Matt Bonin
Sr. Integrated Producer: Amanda Ormerod
Prod Company: Saville Productions
Director: Spike Lee
DP: Matthew J. Libatique
EP: Rupert Maconick
Head of Production: Michelle Travinski
Producer: Shannon Lords
Post/Effects: Smoke & Mirrors, NY
CD: Sean Broughton
Flame Artist(s): Daniel J. Kelly, Philip Akka
Assistant Flame Artist: Stephanie Issacson
Managing Dir: Jo Morgan
EP: Celest Gilbert
Sr. Producer: Melissa Ferrara
AP: Barbara Kontarovich
Editorial: Cosmo Street
Editor: Lawrence Young
Assistant Editor: Sari Resnick
Producer: Amy Febinger
Audio Post: Sound Lounge
Mixer(s): Eric Warzecha, Glen Landrum
Music: Beacon Street Studios
Aired: July 2008


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what the...

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Oh my god, this is so crap. WTF does Diddy have to do with anything...He would never eat this crap and why would anyone do what he says? Look at what happened to Biggie!

Prof's picture
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Big fat stupid purely american ad.

Simple and not even "haha"-funny.

No brainer...

Quite really.

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stitchy's picture
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despite the fact that BK sucks!
they could ve gut any1 2 do the DIDDY role!!!
stupid ad!!!

but the fun part is that americans r FOOD FREAKS!!!

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Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

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The most strange thing is that CP+B did this.

fen1x's picture
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People think that if you hire someone "famous" you have a good ad.

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Diddy says Crispin closed early.

M´AD MAX's picture
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people dont think that if you hire a famous you have a good ad, in america, every body loves to see their stars and if they appear in ad´s for them are good ads

crispin can do it better

unaided's picture
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Nobody is perfect.

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That credentials list is hilarious, that has to win for the longest ever, it must be over 30
Strip. Strip. Strip.

XL's picture
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Except, of course, the actual AD and CW, you'll notice.

I'm seeing a pattern on here today. When did it become OK not to give the creative team the credit (or maybe in this case, the blame) they deserve?

sneakyhands's picture
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i'm surprised that many wanted credit

jimchristianx's picture
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I wonder how much Spike Lee got paid for directing those two magical three-second close-ups of p diddy.

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It's so funny to read the responses of non-Americans here. What you may not realize is that this is an "advertisement". It does not reflect "real life". Americans hate many of today's most famous celebrities. The only people who like Sean "P. Diddy" Combs are people who think that they can gain something from him or his likeness. he's a brand just like Burger King is. Nobody likes Paris Hilton for who she is, but young impressionable teenage girls "like" her because she provides a polar extreme to balance societies perspective on their vacuous, shallow lifestyles. Guys "like" her because she seems to solidify their understanding that women are moronic objects desperate for their attention. Advertisers stuff these images down their customer's throats because it makes it really easy to advertise to them. The advertisers say "people listen to 'Diddy'" enough that everyone just assumes its alright to start doing it. It makes their jobs easier and makes them seem more "connected" with their consumers, even if they end up seeming unconnected form reality.

You can't stereotype a culture from their advertisements. If you did that, can you imagine what Japan would seem like? What England would seem like? What North Korea would seem like?

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" You can't stereotype a culture from their advertisements. If you did that, can you imagine what Japan would seem like? What England would seem like? What North Korea would seem like? "

I think the answer is in the question.

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oh my god. people get a real job. what the fuck is this shit. and whats up with the anthropology speech man.

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Crispin Porter + Bogusky, you should be ASHAMED of yourself for producing such a load of SHIT! How does this compare to Whopper Freakout? Did someone else sign off this brief when all 3 partners were away on holiday?

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From CP+B!!!?

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no manches metieron créditos hasta de la señora que trapea! Cuantas ganas de protagonismo.

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