Budweiser: Signature glass

Advertising Agency: DDB Chicago, USA
SVP, Group Creative Director: Barry Burdiak
VP, CD: John Hayes
VP, CD / AD: Steve Bougdanos
VP, CD / CW: Patrick Knoll
Producer: Dan Bryant
Prod Company: Crossroads
Director: Mark Pellington
EP(s): Camille Taylor, Carole Hughes
Producer: Norman Reiss
Editorial: Spot Welders
Editor: Dick Gordon
Producer: Tommy Murov
Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
EP: Missy Papageorge

August 2008


Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
2005 pencils

I want to talk crap about this campaign, but I can only imagine the Brief on this.

but MAN is the ending cheese!

VPS's picture
23 pencils

knowing what budweiser has already achieve in terms of publicity , this is plain stinkcy shit , execution is OK but man , the endings of the whole campain are sooooo bad . you just hang on expecting something funny ...

sumsum's picture
615 pencils

that's exactly what i was thinking... the first one I watched a couple of times because i thought i missed something in there...

sneakyhands's picture
1857 pencils

i hope she gets work after this, she's cute. this campaign is way to addy, not in the fun superbowl way and definitely not in the award way.

askon's picture
433 pencils

1/2 cup of Logo treatment
1 2/3 cups of Boasting
2 750ml jugs of hot blonde
1 table spoon of token black man
1 particle of pun

bake in oven at 355 C for 25 minutes and enjoy a dry and tasteless bite of badvertising

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miko1aj's picture
3086 pencils

hahaha. I'm with You.

being serious.
THIS ad is just reading of brief. Oh – by a blonde girl. Whoa.

alaska502's picture
58 pencils

ella me la pone tiesa

Carlos Garcia's picture
Carlos Garcia
847 pencils

How could Bud sink so low?


RM's picture
419 pencils

Hey dudes, it's cool... their beer is shit and only pussy's drink it.
Get a VB into ya or a nice cold Carlton Draught for Christ's sake. Probably the worst Bud campaign of all time

reject_subject's picture
209 pencils

Oh My God, there are more!

halfstring's picture
288 pencils

Towel please.

BulbheaD's picture
254 pencils

and to think that all creatives who came up with this irritant are at the VP level

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Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

ivan, can I use the C word?
can I?
just this ones?
can I?

Grrrr's picture
1961 pencils

I'm AD a loss for words. Hey, Bob Garfield, where are you?

eraburge's picture
36 pencils

did anybody else see how much head was on that beer??? I would have said "Hey! How about you do your research and poor my pint properly! What is this... low tide???"

mattlittlegym's picture
342 pencils

Wow. I do not feel so bad about not having that account now. I know there are some good creatives at that agency...this is not one of their greatest moments. Awful. What a waste.

missed my turn's picture
missed my turn
426 pencils

These make me want to hurt myself.

Guest's picture

Samuel Adams has recently released a very similar glass

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