Budweiser: Eternal Optimism


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It's cute commercial, relevant. Bud was present in any kind of celebration and Bud can be present while you watch Super Bowl. It says "we know how give you a fun time".

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No – it's not cute. I've seen MANY commercials showing exactly same – time flow and beer in it. And nothing more.
I've seen "Margin Call". It lasts 90 minutes. While this 1 minute ad I got bored.
Strange, isn't it?

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I'm not sure if it's the Budweiser spirit... i loved the past commercials, their was personal great moments with your buddies... now... looks like one more beer. But the production of the spot it's cool.

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Nowhere near as good as the Heineken ad they're ripping off IMO

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I know its different, but reminded me of Hovis...

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probably it is similar to another ad but it still grips you.

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