Brother Innobella: Colourful conversation in a bar

Three guys in crazy coloured jumpsuits just won't leave the bar after closing time and keep on talking about various aspects of life. Commercial for Innobella printing technology by Brother.

Client: Brother International Europe
Client contact: Antony Peart, Simon Stones
Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, Belgium
Creative Directors: Geoffrey Hantson, Dirk Domen
Account Team: Matthieu De Winter, Jonathan Moerkens
Copywriter: Kristof Snels
Art director: Sebastien De Valck
Production company: Bingo Family
Producers: Sophie Gunsbourg, Jerome Millet
Director: Kasper Wedendahl


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Just lovely! I think it's hillarious you can see their little but cracks when they move around. Someone told them not to wear underpants!
Other than that, I like the ad alot. Don't know who exactly it's targeted to, but it's pretty funny!

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Advertising Pawn
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Haha, as funny as the print ad. I love that kind of absurd humor.



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Funny, very good idea! Give me more!

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where's mr. k?

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Is it me or we see more and more humanization in ads these days. Just think of the "hello I'm a mac, and I'm a PC" campaign.

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Sort of funny well constructed...but to literal and i dont think is good.

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hahahaha....i love the pudgy C! fabulous. This is so silly that its fantastic.

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:D definition of recarnation...

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