Breastfeeding Nova Scotia / Music

Advertising Agency: Extreme Group, Halifax, Canada
Creative Director: Shawn King
Art Director: Anthony Taaffe
Copywriter: Cliff Thompson
Released: October 2009

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thats a really forced concept, feels like student type approach. sterile campaign imho

Quite really.

Wordnerd's picture
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agree. this is so forced and random. comparing brestfeeding to learning to play the piano? give me a break
(plus 'any different?' doesn't go with the music!)

doc's picture
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eh because last time i looked breasts were very different to a piano????

Guest's picture

agree with prof and wordnerd, just so forced (and badly executed, by the way!)

F.Abboud's picture
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Actually I like the idea and the concept; it's not forced at all; breastfeeding is one of the hardest things a new mom can learn; it needs patience and technique; same as music; very good comparison and thumb up!

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agree with all.
breastfeeding needs learning.
piano needs learning
breastfeeding and piano is a disconnect.
reason: for everything else except for that tiny insight, none resembles both idea.
argument: learning how to type,swiming,walking, running.. ALL also needs time. hence, we could run all that as the ad!

result::feels forced. despite getting the message across.

wow... talk about analyzing..


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ive got it! how about we show tony hawk trying over and over to land the 900 on a huge halfpipe. finally on the last try, he nails it, and the crowd goes wild!! then the tagline comes in,

"tony hawk attempted the 900 fifty-four times before landing it. why should breastfeeding be any different?"

it's bulletproof.

Wordnerd's picture
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that's genius! ;)

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theanc's picture
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There's not really a link between learning music and breastfeeding.

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Society makes breastfeeding seem like second nature. But many women have problems doing so, and as a result are treated like they're bad mothers. The ad takes something typical - in this case, music - and reassures new mothers that no one is born with the automatic skills, and that it can take time to do it right. I think that it's a very good ad with a very positive and necessary message.

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