Braun: Girls shaving

Advertising School: Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA
Concept / Copywriter: Simone Mascagni
Art Director: Darius Salehipour
Directors: Darius Salehipour, Simone Mascagni
Post-production: Darius Salehipour

October 2012


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The girls are cute...

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I laughed but it was all a bit uncomfortable and the idea seems predictable (Friends 10+ years ago)

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Maybe I had to change the title, what do you think @andylefty ?

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Regardless of the line, ff I'm honest, the idea feels a bit familiar.

Have you had good feedback on it? If so, leave it in your book.

If not, perhaps think about replacing it eventually.

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Simone, it may be a girly issue, but was it in the brief that you should position braun VS wax? Doesn't it have anything to differentiate it vs other shavers? This is a bit like saying a car is better than walking (unless the market is wax dominated).

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Check it out...

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@andylefty yeah, I got some good feedbacks, pretty much cause we made it during our first year of University and we had only 12 hours to make, from the concept to the final spot !

@temple I'll think about your words from now on ! thank you for sharing suggestions !

@tonybalbi l'ho visto solo ora, è stata una coincidenza, mi dispiace ! l'abbiamo girato verso marzo 2012 per un contest online, è stato pensato e prodotto in 12 ore, non avrei avuto nemmeno il tempo materiale per prendere spunti altrove ! Spero che avrai fiducia delle mie parole, in bocca al lupo per tutto !

@tuanix I think that video is pretty different: it is just showing some girls having a wax.
And it's not a spot. Thanks for the link anyway!

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the fact that you speak italian and the commercial that tony posted is italian really doesnt look help your claim of no inspiration

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The difference between this idea and the the other two in the links that are posted are very different. Just like Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" and Queen's "Under Pressure" are two completely different songs.

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