BOS Ice Tea: Bee

BOS Ice Tea’s latest offering comes in the form of a viral video shot and produced by Tonic Africa, South Africa. The spot features their energy variant BOS Energy – a healthy, lightly sparkled organic Rooibos ice tea, with a natural cranberry flavour that gives you juice – without the nervous edge. The spot follows two energetic youths on their way to play a game of basketball. One of the guys finishes off a BOS Energy drink and casually tosses the can into a nearby bin. An inquisitive bee finds the drink irresistible and disappears into the can for a taste. After a few sips, the bee starts buzzing ferociously until it lifts the can under it’s newly found energy and flies away with it.

Advertising Agency: Tonic Africa, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Business Director: Jason Slinger
Account Executive: Kirsty Webster
Creative Director: Vincent Raffray
Copywriter: Richard Marshall
Art Director: Peter Walker
Agency Producer: Alexis Roberts
Production House: In-house
Directors: Peter Walker, Vincent Raffray
DOP: Vincent Raffray, Peter Walker
Special Effects: Three-Two-One Enterprises
Bee Keeper / GoPro Aerial: Voytek Modrzewski
Quadrocopter Pilot: Toni Unterberger
Off-line Edit: The Bridge
Post Producer: Charles Champion
Editor: Morné Jacobsz
Post Production: Searle Street Post
Final Grade: David Grant
On-line: Charmaine Greyling

June 2013


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really dumb.

"oooh, let's show a bee that drinks the stuff and then carries the bottle away"

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I like it. It's simple and to the point.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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