Boots Opticians: Lunch break

Advertising Agency: Mother, UK
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director: Sara Dunlop
Producer: Stuart Bentham
Editor: Nik Hindson at The Assembly Rooms
Post-production: MPC
Audio post-production: Factory
DoP: Ben Davis


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Theme line needs work, but otherwise good spot. Good insight.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Just good!

raghavendra's picture
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people would generally find a free pair of not much use to them.
but this ad gives the buyer a very good reason of possessing the second pair.

good insight, nice ad.

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I believe having a second pair of glasses is very useful. A lot of opticians offer 'buy one get one free' nowadays - I think this spot makes boots stand out in the crowd in a positive way.

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superb concept. and even better execution. well done.


esia's picture
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nothingspecial. just okay.

silvi's picture
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I don´t like the last scene, with the three happy girls walking like in Sex and the City. very cliche.
The rest of the film is good.

amraly77's picture
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I agree with that ... But I think that's a client thing, so can't really blame agency for that.. "Then I want the three girls wearing my glasses and walking in the city, enjoying the glasses"

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I like to judge an ad on why didn't I think of that and leaves you with a sense of jealousy...

This ad is ok and nothing but...

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chris myles
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simple illustration but there is a cliche at the end.

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