BMW: Practice Makes Perfect

Advertising Agency: Dotglu, New York, USA
Network Creative Director: Izzy DeBellis
Creative Director: Aric Cheston
Assoc. Creative Director: Marc Hartzman
Art Director: Peter Mendez
Copywriter: Aileen Calderon
Director of Content Production: Dominic Ferro
Agency Producer: Brooke Kaylor
Production Company: Park Pictures, New York/Santa Monica and Academy Films, London, UK
Director: Benzo Theodore
Supervising Producer: Mary Ann Marino
Editorial / Audio Post Company: Cutting Room, New York
Editor: Micah Scarpelli
Mixer: Todd Beee
Sound Design: Jun Mizumachi
Producer: Juliet Batter
Exec. Producer: Susan Willis
Post Production / VFX Company: The Mill, Santa Monica
Colorist: Jamie Wilkinson
Smoke Artist: Tristian Wake
Combustion Artist: Keith Sullivan
Producer: Adrienne Britzman
Telecine Producer: Claudia Guevara
Exec. Producer: Verity Kneale
Music House: Hyperballad
Exec. Producer: Rob Niederpruem, Jonathan Benedict

October 2009


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Interesting. Thanx.

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tamer samy
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nice idea, bad execution..

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Nice idea but I really think it missed the mark. What takes practice? Getting in the car or everything around it.

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yeah, don't disagree with guest above..

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Kamlesh Verma
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I might be wrong but from an art direction point of view it doesn't feel like a BMW ad. It would be a better ad for a mini cooper or another car. Nice idea though

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One of the most anticlimatctic ads ive seen in a long time. I was was so excited all along and i thought wow, what are they gonna say thats gonna make me jump up and clap at the end...and then...bleh

Quite really.

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El Lame-o


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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4172 pencils

Sólo es divertido pero no dice nada del producto

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is it difficult to get into a BMW?

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I love seeing these people do these stunts. Just plain fun. But what in hell does that have to do with BMW? I don't get it. BMW owners are more athletic or active? Hmm.

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but this is not whole commercial.. there is another par, which is missing here, and this part is quite important to get the message :) here you can check out on youtube " BMW. Jump for Joy. Part 2 " ... in fact the execution is very smart :)

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!! जय श्रीराम !!

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