In-room TV channel

September 2012

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Hotel room’s “relaxation” TV channel plays an endless soundtrack of idling and revving BMWs. Static screen image is an M car dashboard and the copy, “You are now entering RPM sleep. This audio experience has been designed by BMW to help you fall asleep as fast as possible. Because Thursday is the players-only BMW Track Day. And yawning at 100 mph is not very aerodynamic. See you on the track.”

In-room TV channel:
Advertising Agency: Baldwin&, Raleigh, USA
Creative Directors: David Baldwin, Bob Ranew
Art Director: Paul Tuorto
Copywriter: Chad Temples

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Lisbon freak
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Nike Diesel
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yawn... pun intended

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This sound is considered by car fanatics to be orgasmic and not "relaxing" at all. You got this wrong, have you ever driven a car?

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You have got to be kidding me...

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Lisbon freak
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