BMW: Concrete walls

Advertising Agency: Cundari, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Brent Choi
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Raul Garcia
Copywriter: Brian Murray
Producer / Group Account Director: Daryn Sutherland
Account Manager: Ranjan Gill
Production House: Banditos Bros.
Director: Mike Mouse McCoy
Exec Producer: Jeff Rohrer
Line Producer: Ryan Slavin
Sound Design: Jamey Scott / Dramatic Audio
Other Banditos: Jacob Rosenberg, Lance Holte, Sean Cushing, Stephen Lawes


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Jaap Grolleman
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I wonder if some people will think this is real hehe. Surely this is inspired by Ken Block's drifting in his Monster Energy/DC Shoes Subaru Impreza (if you don't know it, check here: )

But if I see this I'd be a bit worried by the rate of oversteer from the car (doesn't really look grippy does it?) Anyhow let's stop nagging it's a pretty awesome video that sells the USP from BMW well.

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Very nice.

sergeo_syd's picture
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Haha, I expect so much less. Not bad at all. - Film Production Management

jjf's picture
262 pencils

Awesome! :D Music and sounds blend in well.

MadAdWoman's picture
8 pencils

Doesn't matter if it is real or fake. I want one.

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13389 pencils

I want one, too!

Manoma's picture
1093 pencils

Good Idea ;-)
that gives me desire for driving !

agappehp's picture
108 pencils

very good car, excellent driver loved the campaign

Taylormade's picture
412 pencils

A lot better than most car spots. Makes the car look pretty cool. And compliments to all parties involved for going with no end frame.

Blashyrkh's picture
32873 pencils

If this is aired, why this one is banned

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13389 pencils

Well, because the M5 TV spot is waaay over-dramatized and very untrue.
"Fastest saloon car", probably yes. Faster than the other car, for sure not.
Cars like that reaches a maximum speed up to 700-800 mph.
Don't think a regular saloon can outdo any of those cars.
Nice ad, but total bullshit.

Blashyrkh's picture
32873 pencils

Untrue yes, but everyone with a little bit sense of humor gets that metaphor. Comparing a car with a supersonic vehicle promotes speed, but watching a car speeding and drifting does not?
There's nothing special in this ad, just a good driver who knows BMW.

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13389 pencils

To answer your question, no.

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that would be a cool game conecept for NFS or Midnight club :)

Wordnerd's picture
6660 pencils

Nice. bet they had the idea after watching this:

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mikey mugambi
69 pencils

So true!

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Fidele H
40 pencils

impressive! what about the car color though ;)

chunkylover69's picture
71 pencils

my eyes jizzed.

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येड-झवं ड्राईव्हिंग...!!! खूप आवडलं...
अन जाहिरात देखील...

What The F*** is The Driving Is...!!!
I Deadly Like This... and Ad also...

!! जय श्रीराम !!

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Wow, you all voted that Bronze? Disappointed.

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27 pencils

I like this too much

altamiraweb's picture
27 pencils

I like this too much

Queue's picture
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great... nice done.

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