Bloomberg Trading Solutions: Labyrinth

Advertising Agency: JWT, New York, USA
Executive Creative Director: James Cooper
Creative Director: Josh Shabtai
User Experience Strategist: Jon Fishel
Game Designer: Stevie Critoph
Art Director: Ben Morejon
Copywriter: Alex Schaeffer
Concept Design: Tim Nolan
Account Executives: Michael McKloskey, Tamara Taylor
Director of Digital Production: Suzanne Molinaro
Executive Producer: Jenn Mann
Producer: Vishal Dheiman
Director of Creative Technology: Martin Legowiecki
Technical Director: Ricky Bacon
Technical Lead: David Wu
Developers: Manuel Munoz, Ken Jamieson, Dave Padovano, Eric Laquer, Jay Konopka
Planners: Adrian Barrow, Mariam Dilawar
Director of Music: Paul Greco
Director of Audio Post-Production: Greg Tiefenbrun
Sound Designer: Alan Friedman
Quality Assurance: Will Creedle, Mishu Hassan, Sujay Debsikdar
Director of Digital Business Operations: Dawn Rutkoski
Analytics: Craig Stauber


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10 stars for the sound design. Back in 1983, this would have been top arcade music.

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Nike Diesel
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Oh, well...

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A really great ad if you think about how tough this brief must have been.

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Wow, glad to finally see this! JWT talked with me about making this but nobody actually told me this trailer was out.

I'm Stevie Critoph from snubbyland.com

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