kleenex's picture
36288 pencils

3 full minutes of WHY!??!?!?!!?!?!

Baelin's picture
277 pencils

3 minutes of absolute pointlessness.

jh6969's picture
37 pencils

Weak product placement. The ad is very obscure.

dearturki's picture
311 pencils

No comments, i just wasted 3 mins of my life!!!

thedesignaddict's picture
5415 pencils

Was the fire symbolic of the client's money being burned?

andylefty's picture
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Hahaha did no one else laugh at the end?


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seen worse. but not much!

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Seriously Crazy
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Where was the product..n if the burning female was wearing it, y did the other one juz run away without even taking it...

Tejónidas's picture
244 pencils

Mr. Plow commercial, same agency?

digitalout's picture
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What a pile of s**t that's 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back. I know that there is a lot of depression in Scandinavia this time of the year but this just tops it. I hope this is a visual suicide note from the director explaining what he's going to do to himself after making this ad.

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Two things are sure. 1) I willn't forget this ad for at last 2 minutes. 2) I'll try to avoid this Co. as long as I live :)

stickynotes's picture
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disturbing. I guess they were all after the shock effect and hoped for some PR from it, no matter if it is good or bad PR.

but who would watch it and where? is it meant to go viral? how can i find this on the internet if i wasn't looking for it? it doesn't look like a music video, nor like a funny comedy. it's a short film that doesn't make sence and upsets 90% of the viewers. there's no twist no nothing. bad as a commercial and not even good as a short film.

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the key is in the title. the idea they're trying to pitch is that BYORG jewellery is so different from other types, that it's considered a heresy to even own some, let alone wear it. so, the girl accepts to let herself be burned on the stake, instead of renouncing her jewellery. it's certainly not for anyone, but i think the idea is great for the public they're trying to target.

stickynotes's picture
1085 pencils

did you work on this production? it sounds like you gained some insights everyone else is missing..

certaintly's picture
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oh, i thought it was the other way around. i thought she was being burned for committing heresy, the heresy being that she wore jewelry so ugly it was a fashion crime. and that BYORG stood against bad fashion so much so that it burned whoever displayed it.

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I want to sue Bjørg for stealing 3 minutes of my life ;-).

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visually beautiful, it has a lot of sensational qualities but pointless in any framing you could try to put it in. Too unclear, too unmotivated, too personal for an advertisement. It could barely be a good artwork at a gallery, simply because it is again too unmotivated. If it was all about sensations, why wouldn't you then go full force with it, but instead mingle back and forth with the narrative.. Narrative kills this work.

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And now it's viral and all over the internet :)

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Seriously Crazy
638 pencils

21000 views on youtube..u call that being all over the place?

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Their walk to the pole should've been shorter, and the blonde girl should've walked away then stop, turn back and pretend she's gonna save her but then take the necklace and leave lol. Who's going to burn their own product is it that bad? Even a highschool kid could come up with a better commercial than this. And always those stupid skinny models, is this just about materialism?

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This was f*cking horrible!

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