Biovision: Aye Aye Lemur

Biovision in Switzerland is a movement focused on protecting biodiversity. Their latest advertising campaign is focused on the concept of every species being good at something. The blobfish is a survival artist, the aye aye has excellent hearing and the star-mosed mole has highly-developed tactile sensors. But the habitats of these unique animals are in danger! Important areas of refuge in Africa for rare plant and animal species are threatened by overexploitation, such as the Kakamega Forest, the last major rainforest in Kenya. Biovision protects biodiversity through projects for people and nature: Everyone is Good at Something.

Advertising Agency: Walker Zurich, Switzerland

October 2010


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Jaap Grolleman
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Poor animation and quite unappealing (maybe intended). I didn't find myself really listening to what that thing said either.

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Funny and I got interested in the promoted site. The crude animation is ok.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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The good news: I couldn't take my eyes off this freaky little creature. I embraced the bad animation.
The bad news: I have no idea what he was talking about or what the ad was for.

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Love it. Nice campaign..

life is a playground

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every creature is good at something: this guy's forte is quantum physics, but the blob fish was the funniest

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Jaaa!!! This is GREAT "Is the mayor, mayor mayor mayor"... Animation is marvelous...!!

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cool !

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