BIC: Soft Drink

Advertising Agency: BorghiErh/Lowe, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: José Henrique Borghi, Erh Ray, Fernando Nobre
Art Director: Daniel Massih
Copywriter: Danilo Scatigno
Production Co & City: Delicatessen Filmes
Production Director: Rodrigo Ferrari
Music & Music Publisher: MCR Records / Diego Raso, Oswaldo Sperandio
Producer: Equipe Delicatessen Filmes
Aired: April 2010

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The sudden cessation of stupidity- Advertising.

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There is nothing to explain.

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Hope you don't work in advertising. Oh wait! You do.

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I find it tremendously clever! good idea!

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tremendously clever!

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Very good, clever campaign. Should not air too often on TV though ;)

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the one with the model was the funnies.

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Great Ad!!

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i dont get it? please help me? what does the PEN have to say in this ad?

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the idea is to say that there are things that you will see only one time in life so you will need the pen to take note about it, thats it. clever idea.

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Marlus Lau
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hahahaha, cool!!! very good!

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Outstanding! Incredibily awesome! Congrats!

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i dont get it. please explain? what the hell should say this ad? and why Coke vs Pen?

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If they gave they gave you the formula for Coke only once, what would you want to have on your hand?

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Well, The first thing the film says is that this commercial will only be shown once(on tv), so, don't you think it would be great to have a pen to copy the secret of coke? Would you like to sell coke? I would if I could..I think would be a good business...

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Even when you 'd have a pen you could never get the receipe, cause it goes way too fast. Missing 1 ingredient makes you fail. That's why I prefer the commercial with the girl's contacts. You can concentrate on 1 thing, her phone number, email... and then write it down as soon as possible.

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Hey, Lowe Sao Paolo, stop logging on as guests, this is embarassing even for Brazilians.

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R U serious
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This is CRAZY GENIUS... but it's only THAT strong if shown once.

Say my name, say my name...

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yeah i think its amazing but the point of weakness might be is that it would be better if only shown once like some people here said!

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Great ad.

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