BIC: Holy Grail

Advertising Agency: BorghiErh/Lowe, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: José Henrique Borghi, Erh Ray, Fernando Nobre
Art Director: Daniel Massih
Copywriter: Danilo Scatigno
Production Co & City: Delicatessen Filmes
Production Director: Rodrigo Ferrari
Music & Music Publisher: MCR Records / Diego Raso, Oswaldo Sperandio
Producer: Equipe Delicatessen Filmes
Aired: April 2010


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182 pencils

I dint get it.

The sudden cessation of stupidity- Advertising.

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they have not much money to make ads with the meaning))

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hah? how come u didnt get it// it shows us the way to treasure n it's only show once.. so u have to have a good pen to write it down, right?BIC for the right pen.. that's all ^^

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To me, it loses punch because the person is speaking very clearly... if he were speaking a little faster, the sense of urgency would have been more apparent, as in "I only have once chance to share this secret that has eluded mankind for centuries... write it now!"

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i dont get it. please explain? what the hell should say this ad? and why Holy Gral vs Pen?

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i find these comments very lame... this ad rocks big time.. great idea ad people...

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Brazilian commercials are either brilliant or suck big time. Guess what? This one sucks big time. Back to the drawing board with your Bics.

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Excuse me, I was probably still thinking about the girl, but I didn't see any good ad here.

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