Betsafe: The cub

Advertising Agency: Family Business, Sweden
Art Director: Janna Norberg
Copywriter: Henry Stenberg
Account Director: Johan Alanko
Account Manager: Anna Andrén
Production: Hobbyfilm
Director: Oskar Bård
Executive producer: Calle Isberg
Producer: Sara Lindblom
Photography: Tuomo Virtanen


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More please!!!

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When I walk past the bookies down the road from where I live, there's usually a 'deal' on that makes it sound like I'd really be getting my money's worth. The 'deals' don't draw me in, because I assume they're better at maths than I am, but I can imagine how it does draw people in, and I know people who it draws in.

The line "There are no stupid bets" kinda sounds to me like "We're happy to take your money on a stupid bet and we won't laugh at you.".

I guess that idea could appeal to some people, or it might be that there aren't that many flutterers who have the we'll-take-your-money interpretation, though I would've thought that in our current economy, 'deals' might be more effective.

On a pluser note, I laughed on the last bit with the guy legging it away from his friend with the cub bear. I'd say that could win it back some points on the basis of positive reaction associated with the brand = good :)

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Nice angle. Well done.

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hahaha nice one

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Great strategy and great execution. This is great advertising.

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