Shades of Love

September 2013
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SFX Supervisor: Boris Frey

FX Artists: Ben Fox, Nathan Diehl

Advertising Agency: The Martin Agency, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
Creative Director: Vanessa Fortier
Assistant Creative Director / Copywriter: Jeanette Tyson
Senior Designers: Sarah Berkheimer, Dustin Artz
Strategic Planner: Matt Mattox
Account Director: Carey Ely
Account Coordinator: Katherine Dorey
Agency Executive Producer: Christina Cairo
Agency Broadcast Producer: Heather Tanton
Agency Junior Producer: Ross Skinner
Project Manager: Lassiter Stone
Production Company: The Marmalade
Director: David Mellor
Director of Photography: Eike Rieche
Senior Producer: Anastasia Konovalova
Spike Camera Operator: Christian Fritz
Head of SFX: Thomas Degner
Visual Effects Company: Framestore
Executive Producer: Satoko Iinuma
Producer: Sumer Zuberi
Creative Director: Maryanne Butler
Designers: Callum McKeveny, Zack Lydon, Dan Soloman, Alexandra Barsky
Lead Compositors: Sharon Marcussen, Euna Kho
Paint & Roto: Yoon Sun Bae, Dan Soloman
FX Lead: Alexis Hall
Modeling: Michitaka Inoue
Texture: Jessee Flores, Vanessa Lee
Look Development / Lighting / Rendering: Irene Kim, Jéssenia Nauta
Audio Post Company: Heard City
Music & Sound Design: Q Department

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i like it, the idea is good and the animation is very creativ, but i think the message is not as clear as it should be, for a tv commercial.

someone is grinning like the cheshire cat!