Bear Naked Granola: Stoked Videos, Soccer Tennis

Advertising Agency: Amazon, USA
Production Company: TEAK
Creative Director: Greg Rowan
Executive Producer: Greg Martinez
Producer: Emily van Nierop
Line Producer: Ynze Bijl
Post / Effects: TEAK
Executive Producer: Jan Frei
Producers: Emily van Nierop, Kyra Ivanoff
Editorial: TEAK
Editor: Julie Drazen
Asst. Editors: Blake Bogosian, Nan Pierce
Smoke Artist: Mark Everson
Smoke Asst: Jeremy Huff

January 2011


kleenex's picture
40716 pencils

This is a great game idea.

Sdb's picture
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This game is also called Sepak Takrow and was a part of Olympics.

DarkReidar's picture
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It is also an extremely common exercise for soccer teams to use. We used to do it with my team when I was a kid and I still see professional clubs using it today as well. Especially on match-day or the day before, just to have a bit of fun and work on the first touch.

erikbajak's picture
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Nice idea! here in south america y very popular but instead of 8 players its max 6 and the ball can't touch the ground and the player can only touch the ball once. Like DarkReidar said its very common for pro soccer players to do it for practice

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