Bathroom break

Advertising Agency: Richter7, USA
Creative Director: Gary Sume
Art Director: Hunter Sebresos
Copywriter: Gary Sume
Director: Ben Hurst
Production Company: Fueld Films

April 2007


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Niiiice one! cool approach.

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yeah good one! and that voice is perfect

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Okay, 'a bit too honest' has been done but in totally different ways, I like this approach! Phuk commercials, make them a break. Brilliant!

proverbialthought's picture
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MY HERO!!! Finally an advertiser gets it!!! Finally a commercial that gets out of my way!!! I agree Wordnerd; the voice is perfect.

laylowmoe's picture
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Hot DAMN, I'm jealous.

Yup, "too honest" is way done. THIS is way fresh.

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The premise and function of the commercial is fine but to have the family pull into a small business for the express purpose of a bathroom break is irritating. A personal issue as we run a small country store. If this stop ended at a public facility such as a park or clean highway rest-stop, no problem. Bathrooms are a privilege of customers. I seriously doubt a double parked rig at the entrance has the intention of staying long and enjoying a meal, ie spend $.
brian d on a scenic hiway in Oregon

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please don't anyone say this has been done before!!!! absolutely great idea!!!

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You're damn right Laurent, I'll eat my words (see earlier comment), it's just phukin' brilliant.

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