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I agree with you on the voice.

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A jaunty little thing, but way way too long, and 'skip to the end'... it's a badly-thought-out guilt-trip to ask banks to stop investing in coal (which will never work).

The choice of StephenHawking's voice is also a terrible move; Anonymous already hijacked it, and you're bringing in too many associations by using it again - it's not a persuasive voice in any way, it's a distancer.

Still, this piece does show that you can animate informatively.

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I agree with you on the voice.

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The intentions are good, but unfortunately cannot take you past second 20.

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Have mixed feelings on the this.

The final message is great.

The computerised voice is sometimes hard to understand.

Rinsing bankers isn't going to make them listen.

Yet the animation was pretty funky.