Axe: Susan Glenn

Advertising Agency: BBH, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: John Patroulis
Executive Creative Director: Ari Weiss
Associate Creative Director: Nate Able
Copywriter: Peter Rosch
Art Director: Nate Able
Head of Broadcast: Lisa Setten
Agency Producer: Calleen Colburn
Business Affairs Manager: Laurie Litonjua
Business Director: Armando Turco
Account Director: Mandy Dempsey
Strategy Directors: John Graham, Griffin Farley
Strategist: Eric Fernandez
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Production Company Partner / EP: Jennifer Barrons
DP: Matthew Libatique
Line Producer: Pat Frazier
VFX Company: The Mill NY
Producer: Charlotte Arnold
VFX Supervisor: Iwan Zwarts
Colorist: Fergus McCall
Lead Flame: Iwan Zwarts
Flame Assist: Albert Cook
CG product: Isaiah Palmer
Editorial: Work
Editor: Rich Orrick
Assistant Editor: Healy Snow
Editorial EPs: Jane Dilworth, Erica Thompson
Music Composer: Phil Kay
Music Company: Woodwork Music
Sound Designer: Brian Emrich
Mix Company: LIME
Mixer: Rohan Young

July 2012


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Oh wow.

This strikes many chords with me, such a wonderful insight. A surprising and unexpected tone as well. Great work.

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Good ad, definitely settled into the story.

The last BBH ad retained the old brand personality, I wonder what changed. Also an interesting choice for the main character. Perhaps trying to capture some of Old Spice's market share? Trying to broaden your segmentation of target audience is like running an uphill battle. Perhaps a shadow endorser instead?

Then again I don't know too much about this category ;)

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shift in target market?


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No shift of strategy at all. Certainly a very fresh approach on the "stop being shy" front. Exceptionally good.

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What a fantastic spot.
I haven't seen such a great execution of this Axe idea for a loooong time.
It's genius, greatly crafted and adorably funny.
Kudos to the creative team.

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Unbelievable writing and execution.
Nice work!

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Love it! So glad Axe tapped into this insight.

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That is certainly different from a typical Axe ad.

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An Axe spot I actually like. Very nice.

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Every second of this was flawless. I have to say, the writing here is the most sensational writing I've seen from a spot in a long, long time.

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Awesome. Great story telling. Well written. Also love that they took a different perspective from they're typical executions. Makes you think.

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This surely cooks my brain... wonderful craft.. kudos...

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A different approach, but in the same idea. Loved it. The writing was fabulous.

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Love it.

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