Axa: Combination of TV ad and iPhone app

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp/Modem, Belgium
Creative Directors: Geoffrey Hantson, Lansen Walraet
Copywriter: Philippe Blondé
Art Director: Kristoff De Prins
TV Producer: Marc Van Buggenhout
Production / Chief Technology: Steven Pauwels
Graphic Designer / Interactive design: Jesse Van den Broeck
Animations: Digital Golum
Production Company: TRS Brussels
Director: Dirk Verheye
Producers: Mitchel Elsen, Frederik Zaman
D.O.P.: Ivan Mark
Sound: Sonicville
Account Team: Dimitri Mundorff, Bart Verschueren, Kristof De Coninck

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Quite really.

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I like it, but does the commercial give you enough time to grab your iPhone and find the right app to scan the QR Code? I think this would have worked better as a print ad.

Apps are great, but they have to be relevant. Not sure if this is really relevant...

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I agree with the points made above. Advertisers should also realize that not everyone is using the iPhone. On a different note, the ending of this commercial was a tad silly.

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First time I've seen this seamless crossover from TV to smartphone, so I love this idea *hard*.

As to complaints that not everyone has an iPhone... I can't think of a more perfect delineation of a demographic than this: if a client says "I want to target people who can afford an iPhone, people of a certain income bracket" then... voila, this is perfection.

And to worries about the ending... guys, c'mon, this is for a Belgian audience.

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I generally agree with everything you say on this site, but I find the following sort of stupid.

"I want to target people who can afford an iPhone, people of a certain income bracket" then... voila, this is perfection".

iPhone is not the only smartphone available. It is not necessarily the best. And it's probably not the most expensive. Finally I know many people who are in the "iPhone income bracket" and still use... Blackberry!

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Fair point; to clarify as much as I can about using "iPhone" as a catch-all for "SmartPhone": my limited knowledge of the world of app developers has it that clients will bandwagon anything they're exposed to repeatedly. Apple's current dominance of the app world has led many frustrated developers to reluctantly program only iPhone apps, because clients will only look at the numbers and so not be that bothered about Blackberry/Android ports if it costs a cent more than Free.

And I think it's easier for clients if they only have to think about one thing at a time. Tell them there's a slew of other different phones out there to cater for, and they'll start crying about dilution of message.

But cut'n'paste 'SmartPhone' for 'iPhone' above and I still think this is a beautiful groundbreaker of an execution, certainly not something I've seen before, the tantalising of the target audience into physically walking into an advert almost, just so they can continue being fed the message. Psychologically at least I think we're seeing something very new indeed.

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Reread the point Martijn made above. The iPhone aside, this works (and will work) best only with print and ambient (outdoor signs, etc).

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Unless the TA also has TiVo or any of the European equivalent DVRs, which I'm pretty sure are as Everywhere in Belgium as they are here in the Netherlands.

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