November 2011
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Advertising Agency: DDB, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Fernando Barbella
Creative Directors: Jaume Badia, Alejandro Arriagada
Art Director: Jaume Badia
Copywriter: Alejandro Arriagada
Production Company: Agosto
Director: Hugo Menduiña

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I'm impressed you've logged into the site as your real name. Not too many people do that on this site. So my compliments to you. And I am very happy for you that you like this commercial enough to give it 10 stars.

I just think you have an exciting new car here and you don't even show it clearly until the end of the ad and then it's just parked there doing nothing.

Instead, the ad focuses on some guy whose job it is to predict future trends (yet he isn't even aware of this car that is produced by one of the world's major automobile manufacturers and was likely unveiled 6 months prior at a big autoshow).

I think the commercial should be more about the car. Also, the strategy that the “future has arrived” or whatever it is that you're trying to say is so old that it is just white noise now – unless you tell me how this car is actually innovative. Give me a reason to care about this car.