Audi TT: High performance art

Concept/Art Direction: Matt Pyke
Programming: Karsten Schmidt
Via: Adgoodness


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It could also be a Windows screensaver. The Mac one would be so much better, of course. :)

Audi seem to be losing their ability to make interesting ads IMHO. This was boring at best and a waste of time and money at worst. It certainly wasn't art.

Then again, what do I know, I'm just a humble copywriter who thinks that anything relying on computer visuals from the 1980s isn't worth a debate.

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Disco Munky
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I second that

Doin' it for the points

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hehe, you're right simon. looks like the windows vista version of the 'starfield simulation'

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It reminds me a little of the bit in 2001 a space oddyssey where he goes on that warp hole/acid trip type journey (60s) and the music sounds a bit Pink Floyd 70s era, or maybe a bit Ozric Tentacles circa 1984, all of which I like although wasn' alive to see most of...

...It certainly looks shit by todays standards though doesn't it!

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it made me remember seeing Laser Floyd, which was awesome, back in the 80's.

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very far and way out.
ot- oh. anyone remember the "way outs" on the flintstones?

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i was vaguely intrigued...for 1.6 secs. feels flat. this idea is so old, if it has to be done, it has to be done well. and it ain't

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Corona Raymaker
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the execution here sucks, agree there.
but there aren't many car ads who show something alternative to just the car driving a nice scenery, and therefore i like the motive for this.
except of that, the new TT is hot!

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i like the first half, and i do not get it at the end.
just as quelmaleur said , nice to see something else from a car ad.

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Corona Raymaker
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I mean, take a look into any magazine with ads in it.
Car ads are always showing just cars. Put a nice enviroment, landscape maybe, (or in case of Mini, some totally stupid rendered enviroment) around it and that's it.
BMW is the most boring for me. They think they can get away with just showing a good foto of a car, decorated with some motion blur effects and shit ...
I always like advertisement that's not showing the product, because it's a tricky thing to make clear for what product the ad is, without showing it.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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As someone who once worked on the BMW account, I feel your pain... ;)
Porsche used to be like that also. They're just soooooo into "sheet metal porn"!
I was a huge fan of Saturn ads when they completely switched focus from the
manufacturer to the people who drove them. Thus, making them "a different kind of car".

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I disagree. Mercedes-Benz are currently running copy ads in the newspapers here in the UK and they have no images whatsoever. The copy sells the car.

Also, there were a few Audi ads on this site that didn't show the car; the problem was, they didn't really sell the car either, as they were trying too hard and had to be literal to get the idea across. There are many ways to sell cars without showing product, but this isn't an example of how to do it well.

It's difficult sometimes not to show the car, as if people don't know what it looks like they won't be drawn in by a clever image. The best car ads that don't use product imagery are for generic manufacturers rather than individual marques.

While I agree with your last sentiment, do you not think that the Audi ad in question fails to deliver any benefits and makes Audi seem as if they're still looking back to the 1970s for inspiration?

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Corona Raymaker
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I cannot see anything bad in looking back - to whatever time - to look for inspiration.

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Corona Raymaker
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Besides of my total agreement with and appreciation of your post:
"sheet metal porn" - LOOOOOOOL!!!!111

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Here's the making of the Viral - pretty bloody sweet.


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very nice

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