Audi R8 Spyder: Beauty and the beasts

Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK
Director: Sam Brown
Production Company: Rogue Films
Creative Directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
Creatives: Simon Pearse, Emmanuel Saint M'leux
Producer: Victoria Baldacchino
Agency Director: Simon Coles
Agency Director: Bill Scott
Producer: James Howland
Director of Photography: Damien Morisot
Post Production: MPC
Editing House: Final Cut
Editor: James Rosen
Sound: Aaron Reynolds


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I am just not seeing this at all..

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High end sports car against some rustbuckets on an ice rink. Is this because you couldn't get a professor to sit an exam for 8-year olds and sneer that he was the best? This is the same template: it's not a comparison of peers. You may as well throw a few bikes in there too.

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...and its at least 18months old..

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I like it, it looks like a Destruction Derby game!

The concept is nice, the realisation is great but it lacks for a) cars in the same range of performance than the R8 b) some wrecks.

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