Audi Quattro: Ahab

Over 30 years ago, Audi pioneered permanent four-wheel drive with Audi Quattro®. Today it's the world's top selling AWD system. But sadly for one tormented soul, its legacy is more a source of humiliation than celebration. Inspired by one of the all-time classics in American literature, Audi re-imagines Herman Melville's epic struggle between obsessed sea captain and elusive white whale to bring the legend of Quattro® to life.


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Let me understand - Audi is the 2012 Moby-Dick ?!
I wonder what Herman Melville's comment would have been.

As for itself, it trivializes great literature, and the sad thing is that most people don't even know what was
the inspiration behind this ad...

Megalomania is a disease .


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I fully agree with you on this ad.

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I like it.

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Agree with Hadrons. If you want to blend literature and cars, do something like VW's night drive with Dylan Thomas.

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I think this is great. It tells a story, although stolen, which is nice. The story is more universal than just Moby Dick. Stories of uncatchable fishes and other wild life must've been around for thousands of years.

It should've shown less of the actual car. I know your fingers itch to actually show the product. But it's just as when they show the monster in a horror film, a lot of the thrill is lost.

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Totally love this. Saw the short version on TV last night -
& said this is one of the rare commercials I'd like to see a view more times -
clever - memorable - "Ahab" actor is great

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I don't care about the rest, but I loved it!

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richly evocative
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I don't think it trivializes great literature at all. Moby Dick is big enough to take it. It's a good ad, witty, well written, well acted and keeps the product at its heart. What more do you want from 60 seconds?

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