May 2009
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Account Service, Yosei Matsuhashi, Ako Ohya

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Japan
Creative Director: Mark Collis
Art Director: Alex Noble
Copywriters: Tim Schultz, Motonori Sugiyama, Takamori Kadoi
Pro: San Takashima
Music: Song Zu
Director: Antony Redman
Production Pro: Jamie Popham
Planner: David Vroland

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"Guest | Mon, 2009-07-20 14:12

alot of people from india and pakistan have the name shahid :S and please dont start with the 9/11 crap because im a muslim and we have the term shahid so dont blame us on what your stupid government did. go get yourself some education and if you lost your cousin in 9/11, i lost alot of my family members in Lebanon war which your AMERICAN so called government supported...and to reply to you using your same stupid idology i would say that as an ARAB who lost most of his family members in Lebanon war. I find your usage of your " AMERICAN nationality" inappropriate."

He's SO fucking right!