Atlant: Talented, Milk

Advertising Agency: BBDO Minsk, Belarus
Agency Producers: Oleg Romanov, Vitaly Zakharov
Creative Director: Alexander Kapelevich
Copywriter: Alexander Kapelevich, Inna Nosovich
Art Director: Alexander Kholodtsov
Director: Matt Helfgott
Production Co & City: Cuba Studio
Producer: Alexander Molokovich
Director of Photography: Pasha Kapinos
Post Production & City: Cuba Studio, Minsk
Editor & Company: Denis Volkov, Cuba Studio
Music & Music Publisher: Andrew Apanovich
Production Service Company: Cuba Studio

May 2010


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Love the fact that they tried so hard to get the blokes bit right that they went with the cut where the kid has a nightmare - very awkward and has half the biscuit hanging out his mouth!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!
For that reason: 10/10

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3138 pencils

What a scam...

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its not scam for sure... not even a good ad... its like seeing the client brief in a tvc format.

supertav08's picture
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i hate the music

TKoD's picture
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Nice idea, nice direction... Amazing work. I hope it will get a shortlist in the next few days... :-)

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is it White Russian? ))

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Either it's nicely ironic or it's really bad.

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it would be nice to know exactly what kind of talented - 'talented', as in energy-saving, ergonomically-designed, better engineered to last longer, perform better, et.al. also, id choose another term to set it apart - 'talented' seems odd choice to describe appliances.

now, 'smart' is right. it's more than an adjective - it's universally accepted to mean a product that saves energy, and implies it has a brain -
but talented. noone knows what that means.

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