ATG (Swedish Horse Racing): A Love Story

This 80 sec TVC about prevailing friendship for our client ATG (Swedish Horse racing) and their weekly game V75. The film can be seen as a metaphor for horse racing culture with dedicated supporters who loyally follow their interest through friendship, disappointment and happiness. But also for the able betting man's feeling for a rough diamond ­a horse he knows can win. The film was shot in the area around Seville. The song "Where do I begin?" from the film "Love Story" (1970) is sung by Dame Shirley Bassey.

Advertising Agency: Akestam Holst, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Directors: Jesper Holst, Bjorn Gustavsson
Copywriters: Mark Ardelius, Patrick Dry
Director: Rane Tiukkanen
Producers: Peter Sarhammar, Fabian Mannheimer
Production Company: It's Showtime
DOP: Jallo Faber
Post production: STOPP
Published: January 2011


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A very cinematic spot, nicely shot, and smartly devoid of the racetrack where the animals earn their keep. This really *does* give an insight into that world, so bravo to the people who put this together. Can't have been an easy piece to direct and hold the vision together until the end, but from this end of the screen, you did it. Lovely soundtrack too. And a killer tangerine cardigan to top it all. Well done.

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I'm not a gambler so I'm not sure if this will work, but I do like the film regardless.

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pitted prunes
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lovely ad.. not sure how it worked and what it meant exactly but it just made me feel emotionally connected. thumbs up.

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Lovely... Very touchy!

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dean viii
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We did a "love story" spot about two years ago, just not with their budget. Always funny.

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Way to break the category mold. Stunning and very well done.

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no sabia que rió tinto ( Huelva ) era de los alrededores de Sevilla,muy extraño estuve en el rodaje y no me di ni cuenta.

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