At last

Advertising Agency: Ringleader Productions, Venice, California USA
Art Director: Camellia Cox
Copywriter Director: Max Gutierrez
Director of Photography: Bobby Eras
Producers: Eli Craig, David Harb, John Burgess

July 2007


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what [edited by admin for foul language].
no wonder clients are putting their money into other media.
who the hell do you think is going to want to drink this stuff after seeing this contrived, [edited by admin for foul language] drivel?

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Waow! Be carefull, I've been killed for less, a few post before! ;-)

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Wow. Chill out man. Have a Guinness and a smile and shut the f*** up!

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I found it funny! Acutaly it's great!

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Nope. Completely out of brand character. Completely disappointing. Completely lacking in the style and grace that Guinness ads have come to stand for.

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I agree. I was wondering how it was going to become clever in the end and then it just didn't.

Boring, sorry.

Now if she had of poured it down her pants...

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Guiness flavored pussy... BRILLIANT!

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Charlie Pratt
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Great ad. And it's not out of brand character, either. How do I know that?

Because I'm a Guinness drinker, and I laughed at the ad, while thinking to myself that I haven't had a pint in a few days. Great song, although the Etta James tune has been a bit overused in recent years. The acting and cinematography are great, and it's well-edited.

Guinness has never been anchored to one type of ad. Sure, they have the classic look (what a great logo), but even in recent years the "Brillian!" commercials are very choppy, quirky, and particularly uncharacteristic of such a timeless brand. But they work.

And so does this.

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I agree. Great ad. It made me want to go to Ireland. It was really cute, and then delivered a laugh-out-loud ending. Plus, it had a complete A and B narrative without a single line of dialog! That's an impressive thing to do in a few seconds. Nicely done!

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nice one

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- kk

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- kk

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Already done, also with Etta James singing, in 2002. And the original one, for Antarctica (a brasilian beer), is much better.

Enter www.almapbbdo.com.br, clientes, Antarctica.

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It's indeed funny. But I knew what was going to happen the moment specky received her Guinness

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