Urban tour

September 2011
Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK
Creative Director / Art Director: Dominic Goldman
Copywriter: David Kolbusz
Designer: Eric Chia
Head of Strategy: Jason Gonsalves
Head of integrated Production: Olivia Chalk
Interactive Producer: Susan Liu
Integrated Producer: Charlie Dodd
Strategist: Michelle Gilson
Team Directors: Ngaio Pardon, Liz Harper
Production Company: Stinkdigital
Director: Sebastian Strasser
Executive Producers: Daniel Bergmann, Gregory Cundiff, Marcel Kornblum, Josh Tenser
Producer: Richard Fenton
DoP: Joost Van Gelder
Post Production: Moving Picture Company
Editor / Editing House: Tony Kearns / Peep Show
Sound: Hear No Evil
Production company: Pulse Films
Director: Ben Newman
Producer: Neil Andrews
Line Producer: Hugo Merival
Line Producer: Masa Kokubo
DoP: Daniel Trapp
Post Production: The Mill
Editor / Editing House: Thomas Grove Carter / Family
Sound: Munzie, Grand Central

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Highest Rated

khronos's picture
Activity Score 998

not bad, but i think its a bit juvenile

sergeo_syd's picture
Activity Score 595

Dam! Looks hot. - Film Production Management

jeph's picture
Activity Score 156

This idea is so "done-to-death"... and yet the execution is so perfect. Everything from the music choice (is this Skrillex?), to the talent, to the filming style -- it all works amazingly together. Cheers!

Daniel_Acorsi's picture
Activity Score 6

Props for choosing Noisia - Machine Gun for the sound.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 43398

they got moves.

kepokomemolo's picture
Activity Score 47

Great cliché

tracyzhang's picture
Activity Score 133

I didn't know the human body could contort in some of those ways (when that guy put his leg above his head)...

thedesignaddict's picture
Activity Score 5403

The idea's a little late to the party.

I much preferred the Spike Jonze video;

khronos's picture
Activity Score 998

not bad, but i think its a bit juvenile


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