Armani: Speed Style 3D

Advertising in stereoscopic 3D just became a whole lot sexier thanks to Suspect and fashion brand Armani | Exchange. In "Speed Style", the fashion world's first-ever 3D campaign, the New York-based creative studio turned a rendezvous in a smoky, surreal tunnel between two lusty, young lovers into a heady experience unlike anything seen before.

Following extensive VFX involvement on the first 3D music video for Latin Grammy Award-winning recording artist Daddy Yankee and a comedic :30 sports-centric spot from Wieden + Kennedy featuring LA Dodger outfielder Andre Ethier, Suspect was well prepared for the challenges of working in the 3D space. Still, the Armani | Exchange film provided learning opportunities as the studio further developed its capabilities in this rapidly evolving realm.

The footage was shot on a Brooklyn sound stage over three days, blending traditional single-camera techniques with native two camera stereoscopic rig. Suspect developed a bevy of techniques to accentuate the project's stereoscopic aspects: rebuilding sets to create environments that had significantly more depth; extending existing camera moves or creating them where none existed; amplifying subtle lighting enhancements by creating new light sources with stereoscopic lens flares that created a dramatic new sense of composition; and taking several monoscopic 2D shots and dimensionalizing them so they existed in stereoscopic 3D like the rest of the film. Suspect went on to add layers of mist and beauty retouching. "Stereoscopic 3D takes retouching to an entirely new level of difficulty; the work has to be done identically for both the left and right eye in order to get the most natural and beautiful results," notes Suspect's Sr. Flame Artist Jason Cunningham.

Creative Directors: Tom Jarrold, Matthew Scrivens
Art Directors: Patrick Doddy, Benjamin Havrilak
Post / effects Co: SUSPECT
Lead VFX Artist: Tim Crean
VFX Artists: John Geehreng, Jason Cunningham, Elsa Tu, Jon Payne, Damian Cho
Design / Animatorss: Hoon Chong, Frank Lee
EP: Robert Appelblatt
Producer: Tsiliana Jolson

October 2010


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Wow, love the music. Not what I expected from Armani.

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fashion photography. no idea.

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too much for too little.

Simple ideas are the best !

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See MORE of this? No, thanks. I couldn't care less about this stereoscopic 3D if what's being shown is boring. The experience wasn't "heady". Nor was the tunnel "surreal". Music was ok. Armani Exchange is a cheap brand.

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im sorry but that is the definition of polishing a turd, no real idea just wow this will look cool.

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Sorry! but the throttle on a motorcycle is the right side!

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A cheap gimmick like old school 3-D does not an idea make. Next!

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whatever nice music.

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Like the 3D effect even though i don't see it in 3D.

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