Apple: Time Machine

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Chief Creative Officer: Lee Clow
Executive Creative Directors: Duncan Milner, Eric Grunbaum
Creative Director: Jason Sperling
ACD/Art Director: Chuck Monn
Copywriter: Alicia Dotter
Agency Broadcast Producers: Hank Zakroff, Perrin Rausch

Production Co.: Epoch Films
Director: Phil Morrison
DP: Matt Hupfel

Editorial Co.: Mad River Post
Editor: Lucas Eskin

Post Co.: Company 3
Gavin Miljkovich, Stefan Sonnenfeld

Talent info: john hodgman (pc) & justin long (mac)


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I've never liked this campaign. Can't understand why they'd want such a shaggy looking guy to represent them.

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Same here, just old-fashioned dirt-throwing from the apple side. They have so many nice features to show, but every time they use the "why pc sucks" motivation. pretty lame if you ask me, and it's actually since this campaign I've noticed the pc-fans became more fan of their pc because they don't want to be involved with a childish "cooool" brand which calls "their brand" losers/fools.

It may have been fun for some the first 678 times, but now it's just getting old, pretty sad for such an innovating company
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Sounds like sour grapes to me. I think Apple shows a great feature of their products in every ad spot, and the mud slinging is perfectly justifiable, because Windows doesn't have the features they advertise.

I know as many people who are interested in buying a Mac due to these commercials, and because they're fed up with garbage like Vista.

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But why do mac have to incorporate a regular pc based apps and have a programming for pc called "boot camp" when they, I think as it appear in their ads have a problem with PC? It really doesnt make sense I believe after all. Each have their own strength and weaknesses...they just dont have to point their fingers at one another like a respectable company as mac do, and insinuate...

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Always puts a smile on my face.

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This campaign is brilliant! Instead of just being funny for funny's sake, they actually use benefits and features in a humorous way. Personally, I'm fed up of ads that are created to make people laugh, but leave you unable to remember the brand or the benefits. These are spot on, every time. Like them or hate them, people can't wait to see the next Mac ad - not just because the ad is good, but because the product is brilliant and the ads do it justice.

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Who turned the world upside down?

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Awesome. Great. Really good. Fantastic. Funny. Nice. Love it. Like it. Terrific. Thanks PC.

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great campaign

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its good i like it

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I know many people like the campaign, but I don't... Sorry.

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I rated this 8/10, just because there are soo many versions of these commercials. Soo many yet still fresh in their communication every time.
That is a sign of a great concept well thought out, one with a long shelf life. These ads would not be so good if they were not so accurate. Apple's products are well advertised because they are that good - tweedstudios.net

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