Apple iTunes: Beatles, Coming to America

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Duncan Milner
Executive Creative Directors: Eric Grunbaum, Scott Trattner 
Creative Director: Steve Turner
Associate Creative Director: Drew Stalker
Art Directors: Margaret Keene, Antoine Choussat, Anthony Williams
Copywriter: Chris Adams
Agency Producers: Serena Auroux, Nathan Nowak


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Weak. Not very creative.

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Apple created a great splash page that was much more creative with the announcement on their website. http://bit.ly/bSvDSC

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I'm sorry Ivan, but the fact that the apple brand is cool doesn't mean that everything they put out deserves to be here. There's no idea or new material being shown here. Hell, even the editing is weak.
Many people around the world rely on you to see the GOOD things that are happening in advertising around the world, please show some respect for them (us).

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Not only good things are shown, also what big agencies or big brands do in general because it's hopefully informative for creatives.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Agree with Ivan.

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plus, it helps us know which agencies not to send our portfolios.

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To Ivan's point, I guess you learn from the bad too.

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It's not great. Just acceptable.

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New Nice and Fun
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Well, this one is acceptable. The others ar unseeable.

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