APB Reloaded: Be All You Can't Be

[a]list games and GamersFirst present “Be All You Can’t Be,” the action-packed video trailer for APB Reloaded that blends live action with game play. Filmed on location in Los Angeles, the trailer stars mega-popular YouTube show creators Tobuscus, SeaNanners, Katers17 and SMP Films. They’re all featured prominently in action-packed vignettes that begin as live action scenes and play out as sequences in the game. The video also showcases the level of self-expression at players’ fingertips with a real time transformation effect filmed over green screen where actors “shed” their looks on the fly.


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I liked the short movie.

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Nice. keeps attention and exciting. Not sure about game though. O.o

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scorpio raj
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like it!


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Nike Diesel
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Kinda dull IMO

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nice tagline for video games. wouldve worked even better for a military game.

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