Amp Up: Garrett

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA
Chief Creative Officers: Bill Bruce
Art Director: Cesar Finamori
Copywriters: Bill Bruce, Mike Sweeney
Agency exec producer: Elise Greiche-Pavone
Assistant Producer: Theresa Ward
Production Co: Traktor
Director: Traktor
DP: Lance Bangs
Editorial: Nomad
Editors: Tom Muldoon, Debbie McMurtrey
Music/Sound Design: Francois Blaignan


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This is exactly what happens when a no-talent, hack "Chief Creative Officer" writer gets involved in the creative process. Watch and learn kids!!

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before every moment there is a moment.... *sigh*
i usually try to refrain from commenting on this site, try to give concepts the benefit of the doubt but this one...
It starts interesting but ends with such an anti-climax :/

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that's why it's continued on the website www.ampenergy.com.. way too go g-mac! http://www.garrettmcnamara.com/index-firefox.php
the only thing is that i don't think that's north shore. more like peahi. g-mac is one of the greatest down to earth you will ever meet. besides you people are just jealous.

Arnold Santillan

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Been to the website, still think this is amongst the most pointless, ill-defined straplines in the world.

Picture them scratching their heads, and trying to think up the right word to end it.

"Right, so, where were we? Before every moment... there is... there is a... there is a..."


"BINGO! Job done."

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This is the same RedBull is doing right know..."Welcome to my world"

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