Amnesty International: Someone is watching

Advertising Agency: Agency59, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Brian Howlett
Art Director: Andrew Gillingham
Copywriter: Brian Howlett
Additional credits: Director, Henry Less
Production Company: Holiday Films
Sound: RMW
Editing: Blue Highway
Finish: Juggernaut
Published: September 2010


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sorry guys, the ultimate film(s) have already been made early this year by O&M India with Boddhyan directing the films with so much panache that they already have one 3-4 major awards. the name of the series is "Ring A Bell". i'll try to get the links by 2mrrw...
nice thot tho'...

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Jaap Grolleman
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Hmm, good story to it, but the way those guys walked away like calm lambs looked a bit unnatural.

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Yeah. Probably they first will kill the cameraman or break his camera then continue with the execution.

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YES... but what the guy did ? he rape little girls and boys ? killed 20 innocent people ? did not paid the bus ticket ? ... this can change the story.

Simple ideas are the best !

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Pray to other god?

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GOD as nothing to doo with stupid killing people!!!!

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From the Crusades to 9/11, GOD has everything to do with killing of people.

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Right. Absolutely. Be carefull with someone who say that God as nothing to do with wars... his Quran or Bible is near.

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too simple.

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GREAT insight. people DO act different when people watch.

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not enough insight about what happened but it got the point across, people do act diffrently when others are watching

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The gunmen would have shot the cameraman. Dud!

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