Russian doll

June 2010
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Advertising Agency: La Chose, France
Account managers: Fanny Camus Tournier, Mickael Krikorian
Creative Director: Pascal Grégoire
Copywriters: Axel Didon, Kevin Colinet, Benjamin Parent
Art Directors: Axel Didon, Kevin Colinet
TV Producer: Nicolas Buisset
Photography Director: Nicolas Loir
Editor: Bif
Director: Bif
Production Company: Rods
Sound: KOUZ Production
Post-production: Bif

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Aye. However, we should not be forgetting the policies that'll let this crap to continue to happen. Honestly. They're going to either murder or censor their journalists to the point of freedom of the press being a joke. Religious persecution; same thing. Funny thing is, this was on French TV, and the French government is really just as bad in that respect. Fact of the matter is, the government is handling delicate situations recklessly, the Duma is continuously either much too diversified, or not diversified enough, and Putin still has so much power that the whole thing may as well be a constitutional monarchy, even if we'd like to claim Medvedev has any sort of power. Honestly, all a person really needs to do to realize this is look into Nord-Ost or Beslan, and see how much policy has changed since then. Or look at any of the numerous journalists who've been basically killed so they would shut the hell up. I'd reccomend the Politkovskaya case for an interesting read though. Look at anything that's been going on in the North Caucus in the post-Yeltsin era. And the Kremlin has pretty successfully prevented 95% of the world from hearing about it. All it is; is Human Rights. Oh, wait. That's a big deal right? Yeah.


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