American Airlines: Thank you!

Advertising Agency: TM Advertising, USA
Managing Director / CCO: Bill Oakley
Creative Directors: Shep Kellam, Bernard Park
Copywriter: Brian Dunaway
Art Director: Bernard Park
EP: Hal Dantzler
Senior Producer: Stephanie Murdoch
Prod Co: Gartner
Director: James Gartner
DP: Neil Shapiro
EP: Rich Carter
Line Producer: Mark Walejko
Editorial Co: jumP NY
Editor: Michael Saia
Managing Director: Dee Tagert
EP: Jason Way
Assistant Editor: David Bryan
Post / Effects Co: Charlieuniformtango
Lead VFX / Inferno Artist: Joey Waldrip
EP: Mary Alice Butler
Producer: Mary Alice Butler
Telecine Co: Company 3
Colorist: Mike Pethel
Music Co: Elias
Composer: Johnathan Elias
EP: Ann Haugen
Associate Producer: Valeria Scinto
Sound Design Co: Charlieuniformtango
Sound Designer: Jake Kluge

July 2010


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105 pencils

I want to be a soldier :D

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America needs a hero right now. Who will it be?

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Yes! Kicking the butt of helpless, innocent people must be great indeed.

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thank YOU sir, because you are controlling the small countries for our comfort...

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the Heroes in real life are in the cemetery

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Our heroes are the people that wear the uniform and put their lives on the line for us to sit by the pool and drink Margarita's. Let's not forget, we're here because we lost 3000 innocent people on 9/11. Given a choice, our soldiers would be home with their families. Get off your high horse and pay some respect.

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¬_¬ n they lost about 250,000 mothers, children. Stop dreaming, You are not the world's police n now your country is polluting the ocean with oil too Come on!!

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