American Airlines: Putting them first

Advertising Agency: TM Advertising, USA
Managing Director / CCO: Bill Oakley
Creative Directors: Shep Kellam, Bernard Park
Copywriter: Leigh Sander
Art Director: Shane Diver
EP: Hal Dantzler
Senior Producer: Stephanie Murdoch
Prod Co: Gartner
Director: James Gartner
DP: Neil Shapiro
EP: Rich Carter
Line Producer: Mark Walejko
Editorial Co: jumP NY
Editor: Michael Saia
Managing Director: Dee Tagert
EP: Jason Way
Assistant Editor: David Bryan
Post / Effects Co: Charlieuniformtango
Lead VFX / Inferno Artist: Joey Waldrip
EP: Mary Alice Butler
Producer: Mary Alice Butler
Telecine Co: Company 3
Colorist: Mike Pethel
Music Co: Elias
Composer: Johnathan Elias
EP: Ann Haugen
Associate Producer: Valeria Scinto
Sound Design Co: Charlieuniformtango
Sound Designer: Jake Kluge

July 2010


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I like this, it is so emotional. Sadly, soldiers are not like her.

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I like your icon besnik :)

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Yeah, perfect tear generator! And great filming and concept. The right message, to the right target market.

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oh listen guys, not only that u make a copy of a commercial u also choose a bad one for copying it.. Joe Pytka did it even in the Bush administration..
this is the link.

And by the way if u are saying thank u for war, Its not emotional..

hope that other US companies that will produce such ad again, will turn the point into something more meaningful..


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Do not thanks them ,stop them!

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totally agree

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put them first and make great wars on all around the world... then live comfortable...

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I am ashamed these ads.
Make apology for the war and try to transform it into something beautiful and emotional... I find it really regrettable.

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i find your comment regrettable.

those who start the wars and those who have to fight the wars are not the same people.

| think small |

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Making militarism something emotional is even worse than glorifiying it. These spots are disgusting. Thumbs down.

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El Barto
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Emotionalizing militarism is even worst than glorifying it. That's at least a bit more honest.
These ads are disgusting.

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Is this Ads of the World or Ads of the US Army? Come on Ivan, you can do better than this.

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This stupid, sappy worship of the military has got to stop. Let's all salute the poor, misguided girl who thought she was
getting some life training and college tuition but turned out to be cannon fodder. Even an unintentional rip-off of Pytka is grounds for having your creative card revoked. Fail.

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Unfortunately there are no such girls in the military. More like biatches who like to walk naked war prisoners in Irak with collars, while other idiots take pictures. Nicely made but totally misguided.

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the connection to AA seems weak.

furthermore.... when making critical comments about the military, people need to make a distinction between the a-holes who dictate policy and get us into conflicts, and the men and women who have to actually fight (as if they have a say).

| think small |

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