Alrin nasal spray: Umbrella

Advertising Agency: SAA/Y&R Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Director: Gideon Amichay
Creative Director: Tzur Golan
Head of creative team: Amit Gal
Copywriter: Yaniv Avital
Art Director: Meron Sasson
Head of Branding: Zeev Ravid
Designer: Roi Davidson
Chief Account Manager: Adam Polachek
Account Supervisor: Tal Cohen
Account manager: Revital Levi
Producer: Marina Akilov
Planner: Yehoram Davidi
Media Company: Union Media
Production Company: Gefen Hafakot
Director: Rani Carmeli
Post Production: Gravity
Editor: Dadan Uziel
Sound: Sound House
Photography: Mano Kadosh
TEVA OTC and consumer products division manager: Hadar Merchav Neeman
Product Manager: Moran Oren
Product Manager: Asaf Haritan

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chalayzone ad!!!!! = wow! very good job

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I like!

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ha ha ha funny

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Senhora Kolossa
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boring. please stop commenting.

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Do you prefer the two word comments? ;)

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Senhora Kolossa
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I do. :)

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this is hillarious.
great job guys

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this is too old, it could be school work.
can`t beleive how many people it took.
this is not an idea for tv, it`s an idea for graphic

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unexpected, fun, and simple. I dig.

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Eso tiene un punto gracioso

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