Allstate Insurance Co.: Back to basics

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett
Executive VP/Creative Director: Jeanie Caggiano/ Charley Wickman
VP / Creative Director: Mikal Pittman
Art Director: Greg Nobles
Copywriter: Josh Mizrachi
Vice President / Senior Producer: Ray Swift
Production Company: GARTNER
Director: James Gartner
DP: Phedon Papamichael
EP(s): Don Block, Rich Carter, Elaine Behnken, Annie Hanlon
Producer: Bill Latka
Editorial: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Carlos Lowenstien
Editorial EP: Carrie Holecek
Telecine: Filmworkers Club
Colorist: Mike Mazur
Sound Design: Another Country
Sound Designer: John Binder
Aired: January 2009


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Not bad work
Spark of creativity | http://www.felket.blogspot.com/

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Great music. Unfortunately I do not think his voice works as well for the touching spots. Works much better with your past work where there is some wit and humor. But obviously you can't do anything about that.
Never the less, Good work.

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Blair Semenoff
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I like it. I still find it hard to see him as anything next to the "president" on TV series 24.....

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this looks like the KodaK work done by Ogilvy. Well.....good work but that is all.(basic ad)

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what he says is good.. but it's relation to the brand isn't convincing for me...
it's just another spokesman tvc.

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"people start enjoying the small things in life..." because they can't afford the big things.

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You, good sir, are a cynic. :)

In any case, I reckon this piece is pretty good. A nice change of pace from all the wacky ads we're so wont to create.

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I absolutely adore this.

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That suc*s. This type of ad has been going on for ages. OK, next time, use the employees' temoignage (after paying their union fee to be on TV)..

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