Al Kass Sport Channel: “Sandman vs. Waterman” 2011 Asian Cup Promo

Design & Production Company: METAphrenie, Dubai, UAE
Director: Andrea Dionisio
Music Company: Supersoul Productions, Berlin, Germany
Composer / Sound Designer: Xaver von Treyer
Live-Action Production Company: Filmworks, Dubai, UAE
Executive Producers: Amanda Confavreux, Petar J
Facilitating Production Company: Creative Design, Doha, Qatar


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As long as it's not FIFA I'm okay with waterman punting one. Oh wait, he scored vs. sandman? We're all gonna drown.

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It's direct, exciting and doesn't need much brainpower to appreciate.
Much like this ad, in fact.

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Both sandman and waterman are excellent, apart from that nothing else.

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It was a bit too long for me. Not exciting or visually stunning enough to warrant the length.

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agree with abake. 100 seconds of practically nothing.

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The time slot for the product is great enough, the execution mind blowing, but what is tremendously lacks is why? What makes one go watch asian cup because one saw sand man and waterman colliding with each other? At one time I thought It must be kind of battle between the elements of nature, water ,wind, air, sand. Then it unveils a strategy. For this length a story boarding is appreciable. A human truth, would have made it epic.

Art Director,
Miami Ad School, Miami (March 2012 Graduate)

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Mindblowing.... Superb!!!

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