Affinity Plus: Ditch Your Bank

Edit: Schnitt, inc.

Advertising Agency: Risdall Advertising, Minneapolis, USA
Executive Creative Director: Lara Balai
Art Director / Creative Director: Matt Bergen
Copywriter / Creative Director: Erik Kvålseth
Director: Matt Pitroff

April 2011


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Good ad.

because therefore it is

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I liked it.

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Great spot!

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Ah if only we could ditch all the banks

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coz i said so

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i dont buy this for god damn minute that there is a bank for people not for profit.. and i dont know for how long this dirty banking game is gonna continue

| Everartz |

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advertising ninja
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yes! i totally agree.. i really dont know who would be convinced about this bank. Not for pofit.. jesus... they lost me.
and this idea couldve been executed lot more funnier. flying clothes? nnaah. the bank manager shouldve done that with a cold, professional attitude himself as they were talking about the credit terms for example.. anyway, kinda funny for sure.

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excellent. I´ve liked the way they used the idea. the way they told the history.

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Jeff Lamb
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Interesting attempt but sophomoric. Often a sign of weakness to belittle the competition. Credit Unions typically take the high road. This is an aberration.

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Hammad S
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Smtimes but this time it works. There's already so much against banks (as can be seen on this page's comments).

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Hammad S
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Sure belittling has neg connotations but this was just well done. I liked it a lot! Get the message. Simple.

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What if a phone company pictured the other phone companies as thieves?

What if a power company pictured the other power companies as crooks?

What if...

This type of advertising is wrong, easy, and not creative at all.

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Brainchild Theories
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That reminds me of Zak Galifianakis!
It works because of expression of the actor it's true. There are more fees at a bank opposed to a credit union. Do you know how much the budget is for a birthday party of an employee at a bank compared to a credit union? And where do you think they get that money?

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Excellent !
So expressive that the sound would be not necessary ;-)

Applause !

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Ok. Affinity Plus is a not for profit Credit Union. They are not a for profit bank. Their mission is to provide service to their members, not to increase share holder value. For those that are not familiar with Credit Unions, I suggest you read up on them. Then check out the Harvard Business Studies on Affinity Plus and how they are way different.

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