Adidas China: Adidas Olympics 2008, Zheng Zhi

Advertising Agency: TBWA/China
Creative Directors: Yang Yeo, John Merrifield
CD/Copywriter: Sarawut Hengsawad
CD/Art Director: Elvis Chau
Associate Creative Director: Lesley Zhou
Art Directors: Nie Lang, Xia Zheng, Susie Sun, Amani Qian
Copywriter: Lesley Zhou, Nicky Zhang, Michelle Wu

Production Company: Stink
Directors: Psyop
Executive Producers: Stink
Producers: Stink
DOP: Alex Melman
Associate Producer: Psyop
Assistant Producer: Psyop

Lead TD: Pakorn Bupphavesa
Designers: Kim Dulaney, Marie Hyon, Joshua Harvey
TD: Alvin Bae, Bashir Hamid, Chris Bach, Damon Ciarelli, Ted Kofsatis, Tony Barbieri
VFX supervisor: Theo Maniatis
Modeling/ Rigging: Lee Wolland, Kitty Lin, Anthony Patti, Rie Ito, Jaye Kim
Lead Animator: Pat Porter
Animators: Ian Brauner, Justin Burton, Nicholas Johnnides, Gerald Ding, Eddy Estevez, Chris Santoianni, Jae Ham, Jed Mitchell, Melanie Tonkin
CG: Mike Papagni, Rich Magan, Pete Hamilton, Helen Choi, Anthony Patti, Tatchapon Letwirojkul, Andreas Berner
Massive: Joerg Liebold and Dave Barosin
Compositors: Matt Hanson, Bee Jin Tan, Elliot Blanchard, Borja Pena, Eric Concepcion, Makoto Sato, Theo Maniatis, Aska Otake,
Joe Vitale
Tracking: Hyunjeen Lee and Seung Hyung Lee
Lead Roto Artists: Leslie Chung, Joshua Bush
Roto Artists: Joseph Oberle, David Marte, Carlos Rosario, Tiffany Chung, Will Frazier, Max Kornev, Rich Pernice, Jelena Vukosav, Alejandro Monzon, Kristian Mercado, Stefania Gallico, Jess Mireau
Editor: Cass Vanini
Assistant Editor: Brett Goldberg
Cell Animation: Boolab

Audio Post: Sound Lounge
Music Company: Q Department
Composers: Drazen Bosnjak, Julian Fane, Naren Rauch


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I didn't know football can be so boring.

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1634 pencils

Yes, China Football team suxs! Every chinese knows this. No greatly crafted advertising would be able help them.

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Nice ad, got that patriotic thing going on accompanied by the awesome visual effects... Nice piece!

Who turned the world upside down?

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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There is no chance that their going to win in football.

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new designer
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ye but i thought this web is about adverts not football.....

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watever man it was crap

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