Acura RDX: Wall art

Advertising Agency: RPA, Santa Monica, USA
Chief Creative Officer: David Smith
Creative Director: John Hage
Senior Art Directors: Dan Buchmeier, Phillip Squier
Copywriter: Jeff Mullen
Agency Executive Producer: Jack Epsteen
Agency Senior Producer: Carolyn Casey
Production Co: Epoch Films
Executive Producer: Jerry Solomon
Line Producer: Pat Harris
Directors: Ben Foley/ Chris Hopewell (Collision Films)
Cameraman: Daniel Kutner
Music Company: Elias Arts
Composer: Kenny Segal
Sound Designer: Dean Hovey
Elias Creative Director: Dave Gold
Elias Executive CD: Jonathan Elias
Elias Executive Prod: Ann Haugen
Visual Effects Company: Moving Pictures Company
MPC Exec Producer: Mark Tobin
Visual Effects Artist: Adam Frazier
Visual FX Producer: Allyson Nevil
Offline Editor: Wendy Sandoval
Sound Mix Company: Ravenswork
Sound Mixer: Robert Feist
Telecine Company: Moving Pictures Company
Colorist: Mark Gethin
Aired: January 2009


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not very fresh, such combination has been done a lot before, but what i liked is line: "for what the city creates" sounded fresh to me..

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I agree, this style has been used so many times, but the tag line works. Man I cant stand the unnecessary use of 4wd's as city cars with the world in this state, just going off topic


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No wonder clients want to pay agencies less and less...

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It's kind of nice seeing american creatives also steal other people's work... Congrats to the argentinian team who created and produced the original MUTO work.

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exactly. muto is amazing. this is just a uncreative copy.

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exactly. muto is amazing. this is just a uncreative copy.

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Crisp One
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that last bird shoulda crapped on the soccer mom mobile

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My epilepsy hates this commercial.

Yeah, I thought the bird would crap on the car as well. :p

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what was muto advertising? "such combination has been done a lot before". Has this been done on a TVC?
Post some links. I like this style of "creativity".
I thought it was good... but who am I?

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nice to watch

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