Above The Influence (Partnership for a Drug-Free America): Diner

Advertising Agency: Vigilante, New York City, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Valerie Graves
Creative Director / Copywriter: Jack McGoldrick
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Paul Osen
Senior Art Director: Vincent St. Vincent
Agency Producer: Adrian Lichter
Director: Bob Giraldi
Editor: Patrick Burns, Jr.
Published: June 2010


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this might be better, but in my opinion if you think people will quit drugs because they'll get free coffee in a bar, you're not getting the real picture of this problem...

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Its not about getting free stuff for being off drugs, its the wellness in front of a situation where some responsability is required and obtained from a person who is deciding what to do with his life. Must be a relief for an adult to see a young man act so responsibly, thats the thing. I believe we are all grown ups too and the feeling of relief when a person thats just learning about the world makes good decisions, makes us be proud (got a little too sentimental there didn t i????!!!!) hehehehe...

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Ed Rapport
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yeah it was not about getting any free coffee.. the creative team simply showed us an re-creation of how this would unfold in the real world at a diner. And, I could actually see something like this happening too. This was a good piece of creative communications.

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Drugs are shit, when there is no more.

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Great insight "It takes a village to raise a child" Right on.

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